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Best restaurant and winery jobs in Paso Robles 

Working in a restaurant and winery lets you get your hands dirty in the wine-making process or guide customers through a culinary and wine-tasting adventure with tours and restaurant service. So, whatever your skills and experience are, you’re bound to find a role in this versatile industry. As Paso Robles is known for its vast wineries and olive groves, you have many choices of fulfilling and exciting careers. 

Before you apply for any roles, it’s essential to update your resume. This ensures that you provide the hiring manager with relevant and up-to-date information about your skills and qualifications. To do this, why not use nice examples of a resume to inspire your resume content. You can create a well-structured and engaging resume that encourages the hiring manager to invite you to an interview. 

This article discusses some of the best restaurant and winery jobs in Paso Robles, including their salaries, popular positions, and tips for securing a restaurant and winery role. 

Restaurant and Winery Salaries 

As the hospitality industry is so versatile, you have many options when looking for a restaurant or winery job. Naturally, more managerial or senior roles tend to be better paid than entry-level opportunities. However, candidates may be able to increase their salary with experience and skills development. Here are some examples of the best roles to pursue in restaurants and wineries, as well as their average annual salaries: 

  • Waiting staff: $52,262
  • Vineyard worker: $32,177
  • Caterer: $31,440 
  • Tour guide: $42,619 
  • Executive chef: $58,972
  • Line cook: $31,054 
  • Cellar hand: $36,480 
  • Food runner: $26,000 
  • Delivery driver: $42,016 
  • Sommelier: $46,761 


Depending on the role, candidates may require additional qualifications or extensive experience. For example, hiring managers may expect candidates to have several years of experience before pursuing senior roles. The best aspect of restaurant and winery roles is that applicants have the opportunity to develop many valuable skills that are beneficial in multiple industries. Customer service, multi-tasking, and time management skills may impress numerous hiring managers. This means candidates can benefit from greater job prospects.

While customer-facing roles may earn less than managerial positions, candidates may have more opportunities to make additional income through tips. 

Most Popular Restaurant and Winery Salaries 

Besides the main front-of-house restaurant, there are several roles and winery positions candidates can apply for. Many of these roles are administration and business-oriented, meaning candidates interested in developing these skills may benefit from these careers. Here are some popular jobs and their annual salaries: 

  • Marketing associate: $38,393
  • Sales associate: $31,540
  • Business administration: $51,330
  • Packaging operation: $33,080
  • Delivery driver: $42,016
  • Purchasing manager: $65,069


Tips for Securing a Restaurant and Winery Job

Here are some tips for securing a restaurant and winery job: 

Make use of the job description.

The job description is an excellent way of familiarizing yourself with the role’s requirements. Reading the job description can also provide valuable keywords to include in your resume objective and skills section. And these keywords will help you navigate applicant tracking systems (ATS) that select the most keyword-dense documents.

Proofread your final resume. 

Once you’ve completed your resume, consider thoroughly proofreading it before submitting it to a hiring manager. This ensures that you don’t include spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors.

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