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Buckethead flocks to the Fremont Theater for a night of shred 

Virtuoso ‘Shredder Guitarist’ Buckethead, bassist Brewer, and drummer Brain pay a visit to the Fremont in SLO

-One of the most unique musicians to grace the Central Coast of California is the eccentric Guitarist, Buckethead. With a KFC bucket adorning his head, and white mask of anonymity disguising his face, the 48-year-old talent shared some of his musical genius, and wild antics at the historic Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo last week.

Buckethead’s musical career goes back to the late 1980’s, and he has thus far released over 300 albums of music, ranging in style from funk, ambient, rock, instrumental, progressive metal, blues, bluegrass and avant-garde.

The sheer amount of music the man knows how to play seemingly effortlessly, is so melodic, and memorable. For audience members, just watching his hands interact with the guitar is an amazing sight to see. He is one of the world’s fastest shred guitarists, along the same lines as musicians such as Michael Angelo Batio, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Paul Gilbert. Buckethead’s silent towering presence and quirky stage fun make for a super interesting evening. The emotions being portrayed by sounds he makes without uttering a single word, help to give insight into the mind of the man formerly known as Brian Carroll. With the language of music at his fingertips, words are not necessary to get across his artistic intentions.

In fact, Buckethead is not known to speak to anyone, at all. His silence, and depth is mesmerizing, and at the same time amusing. Clearly he is a well trained and successful virtuoso guitarist, and can play anything thrown at him. Buckethead is full of quirky fun, and at times will include perfectly played guitar versions of music from pop culture. These references to our cultural memories do not go unnoticed by fans.  Roaring and clapping fans get very excited during his antics. His graceful fingers can lull his fans into a relaxed state, or go at breakneck speeds, banging away at the strings and neck of his guitar, tapping and cleanly muting his instrument at all the right times.

Fans attending the show at the Fremont Theater also had a sweet surprise from the artist. Buckethead is known to pass out toys during his shows, and this time was no different. Near the end of his show, late into the evening, he whipped out some bulging blue bags, and started handing out toys and games to the audience members, like some sort of creepy yet endearing Santa Claus figure.

It is easy to tell that Buckethead truly appreciates his fans, and his performance was a night to remember. He lets the music speak for itself. The accompanying musicians on stage, Brewer on bass, and Brain of Primus on drums, complimented Buckethead’s heavy riffs and melodies perfectly. The more you watch and listen to him play, the closer you want to get, and the more intriguing he becomes.

-Cassandra Frey

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