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Cat lovers: New module system allows infinite variations for feline living 

Publisher’s note: My friend Justin Huang recently helped launch a new, fun line of kitty condos and I wanted to share the story with you in this promoted article.

A Cat Thing is a series of products made especially for cats and their people. It was by a young architect couple who wanted to build a special house for their cats. Together with their cats, Chacha and Lily, they have conducted a series of research on cat-related product design. Their goal is to make a creative, stylish, and harmonious design that can fit in a modern living environment.

A Cat Thing‘s First series of designs to materialize its concept is ‘room collection’. The designers want to create a joyful space in a small-sized building for cats to play in. In the ‘room collection’ they can jump, hide, rest, crawl through different spaces, and do anything they can think of. inspired by prefab buildings and lego, their latest product is made by four modules defined by their spatial character. Together they can be stacked, transformed, and expanded.

This modulation allows complete freedom in creating any kind of micro-building a cat thing can dream of for felines. It is joyful both for cats and their people. The minimalist design with simple geometric form and graphic print make the ‘room collection’ stylish and it can harmoniously fit in the modern furniture and interior design of our living space.

It has used the properties of paper and the principles of origami to create connections that can hold the different modules together in a safe and secure way without the use of any tools. the designers have also avoided complicated instructions and kept the whole assembly process as easy as possible. On top of that, the modules feature a very high payload, allowing kittens as well as giant cats to run, play and jump as they please.

Sustainability was an important issue for the designers. All products and packages are recyclable and made of non-toxic materials. To be friendly to our planet, the designers strive to minimize material use for its product and packaging to save material and reduce waste.

For more information, check out A Cat Thing.

cat module boxes

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