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Consider parent coaching for less stressful parenting

–We all know parenting can be really difficult at times. But, what do you do when parenting feels difficult all the time? What do you […]Full Article

Letter: Solve the dangerous downhill speed issue on Niblick bridge

To the editor,  On February 22, I was driving to SuperCuts to get my hair done in the Kohl’s shopping center. I turned onto Niblick Road […]Full Article

Letters: Opinions on the water district

Editor’s note: Due to the volume of letters received regarding the proposed water district, this post contains submissions from multiple readers.  Local control of critical […]Full Article

Letter: Voting ‘Yes’ is the right thing to do, but it’s just the beginning

To the editor, Here’s a thought – would you rather own de-valued land with water use restrictions, or join together to meet collective water needs? […]Full Article

Letter: Why is no one addressing bullying that lead to suicide?

To the editor, I am from Paso Robles and was extremely saddened by the news of the suicide of a 12-year-old girl. I would like […]Full Article

Letter: Hillary Clinton wrong choice for president

To the editor, Hillary Clinton is a candidate of, by and for defeatism, delusion and deceit, in both domestic and foreign policy. Clinton emphatically says […]Full Article

Letter: Katcho has my vote for Congress

To the editor, As a graduate student, and former student leader at Cal Poly, I consider it my duty to be an informed and involved […]Full Article

Letter: Vote ‘yes’ on water district to protect your interests

To the editor, –We’ve all been bombarded with news and commentary about the water district election. Despite all the rumors, wild conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated […]Full Article

Opinion: Stopping a few local rail spurs will not solve problems

To the editor, Bullying is not a good way to run a government. Unemotional fact-finding and determination of cause and effect is the road to solutions. […]Full Article

Letter: Mayor urges ‘yes’ on water district

To the editor, –We in the North County have a proud history of taking care of business. It was our efforts that forged the delivery […]Full Article