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Letter: Fair concert entry takes too long

To the editor, My wife and I attended the Zac Brown concert on Wednesday night. We entered the fair quickly and arrived 20 minutes before […]Full Article

Red Cross issues heat safety tips as temperatures climb

–It’s hot out there and the soaring temperatures can be dangerous. The American Red Cross has steps people can follow to help stay safe when […]Full Article

Letter: Communities don’t build a cohesive spirit on the back of statistics and profit seeking

–The report from owners looking to profit from STVRs in R1 zones is perhaps the perfect example of the power of the idea behind Mark […]Full Article

Letter: Citizens submit report to council, say STR numbers are out of context

–Edgar Chen, full-time Paso Robles resident and CEO of Select Publishing Group, Joel Bergvall, part-time Paso Robles resident and Chief Creative Officer at Shareability, and […]Full Article

Letter: Thank you for the support after the passing of Neil Olsen

Dearest Friends, Neighbors and Relatives, –The entire Olsen family wishes to express our heartfelt appreciation for the outpouring of love and support shown after the […]Full Article

Caltrans, CHP remind motorists to drive safely this July 4th

–Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) are reminding motorists to drive safely during this Fourth of July by taking the following steps: Abide by […]Full Article

Letters: Fires in riverbed related to homeless encampments?

Letters submitted by readers: –The most recent fire (started Saturday, June 29th, in the Salinas Riverbed was the second in the month but either the […]Full Article

Letter: Homelessness solution requires ‘tough love’ approach

To the editor,  –Well written Skye. Thank you for a brave, informed and engaging op-ed on the homeless issue. Affordability is clearly the crux of […]Full Article

Letter: Homelessness also a safety, drug issue

To the editor, –The problem of homeless people in our community and others is obviously a huge problem that people feel very strongly about on […]Full Article

Letter: Solving issues takes people with empathy

To the editor, –Jason Holland is the kind of human we need to make Paso Robles a better place. I have also read the recent […]Full Article