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Central Coast Pool and Spa dives into pool maintenance 

–A message from Central Coast Pool and Spa–

pool and spa maintenance near Paso Robles

Giving friends and families great memories that last a lifetime

– James Vidito, owner of Central Coast Pool and Spa, arrived in North County with his family in 2020. “It had always been a family dream to move to San Luis Obispo County,” said Vidito. “In 2020, we had some opportunities to make that dream come true.”

Vidito had been operating a pool and spa maintenance business in Orange County since 2012. When the opportunity opened up to move north, everything came together including selling his pool maintenance business and buying a new one in the Paso Robles area from someone who was retiring.

“We’ve been here ever since and love the area and community,” said Vidito. Choosing to open a pool and spa maintenance and service business was inspired by childhood memories and his love of working with people and with his hands. “I can remember when I was a kid some of my best memories were swimming with family and friends. By serving my community I hope my clients get to make great memories that last a lifetime.” He added that he also likes to clean things, so it all came together in the pool and spa maintenance business.

One of Vidito’s greatest rewards is the opportunity to mentor others through his business. He finds teaching employees and customers about the finer points of keeping a pool, spa, or hot tub in peak condition very gratifying. “They learn skills they might not learn anyplace else,” he said.

‘A healthy pool is imperative’

Vidito’s advice to his customers is that a “healthy pool is imperative” to protect the investment and to guarantee enjoyment well into the future. Regular maintenance is necessary to get ahead of potential problems and stay ahead of them. He helps his customers understand how the various components of pool maintenance work together and why it’s important to pay attention to things like water chemistry, cleaning filters, and making sure the pump cycles correctly.

Along with cleaning filters, and scrubbing algae off of the sides and bottom, Vidito said one of the most critical aspects of pool and spa maintenance is learning how to keep the water chemistry balanced. Water is essential in so many ways, and when it comes to relaxing and spending time with friends and family, swimming, soaking, and easing sore muscles, water plays another important role.

“It’s more than just adding chlorine to sanitize the water,” he said. “It’s getting the perfect balance of alkalinity, pH chlorine Calcium, Conditioner, and the temperature of the water along with keeping the phosphate levels down and proper filtration time. Too much of one can throw the entire balance off and cause problems not just with the water, but with the pump, and other equipment.”

There are many things in addition to frequent use that cause imbalances in the water chemistry. Evaporation that reduces the water level is one example. “Keeping the pool or spa covered when not in use helps control evaporation,” he said.

Vidito said he enjoys working with his customers to help them learn the value of the top two challenges of pool and spa maintenance: cleaning the filtration system twice a year and understanding and managing the water chemistry.

Pool technology is expanding to include smart automation to control certain aspects of pools and spas remotely. Turning on heaters and jets on the way home from an app device, turning on the pump, or covering or uncovering the pool remotely are part of the smart technologies arriving soon. Vidito is looking forward to sharing new and emerging technologies with his customers.

“It’s great hanging out with my customers. I have great relationships with everyone and it’s fun to talk about sports and other topics we have in common. Helping other families create the memories I have of good times with friends and family makes me happy.”

In addition to regular maintenance and servicing, Vidito also repairs pools, spas and hot tubs, the equipment that runs them, and starts up new swimming pools. Putting in a new pool? Call Central Coast Pool and Spa to make sure the important steps are completed correctly to set the stage for future enjoyment.

Central Coast Pool and Spa serves Paso Robles, Templeton, Atascadero and other communities in North County. Give James a call at (805) 610-6545.

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About the author: Reporter Jackie Iddings

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