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City to begin property fire safety inspections May 13 

City completes first round of weed abatement inspections

Initiative aims to mitigate fire risks stemming from vegetative growth and the accumulation of combustible debris

– As the wildfire season approaches, Paso Robles Fire & Emergency Services is issuing a reminder to residents and property owners regarding the city’s weed abatement program. The initiative aims to mitigate fire risks stemming from vegetative growth and the accumulation of combustible debris. Scheduled property inspections will commence on May 13, with property owners mandated to adhere to specific requirements.

The guidelines apply to the entirety of the property, emphasizing the importance of minimizing fire hazards not only for individual properties but also for the safety of neighboring areas.

Property owners seeking clarification or in need of recommendations for contractors specializing in weed abatement and lot cleaning can contact the emergency services department at (805) 227-7560.

The requirements for hazardous fuel reduction vary based on property size:

For properties under 10 acres:

  • Clear lots by mowing or discing to a maximum height of 4 inches, including vegetation prone to drying.
  • Remove all dead leaves, weeds, brush, trees, and tree limbs, along with excess trash or combustibles.
  • Ensure a minimum clearance of 50 feet around the property perimeter and from any roadway, 10 feet from driveways, and 100 feet around all structures.
  • Maintain a minimum clearance of fifty feet around oak trees.
  • Vegetation over fifty feet from any structure and less than eighteen inches in height may be retained on slopes at or above forty-five degrees to prevent erosion.
  • These regulations apply to all areas of the property, including the backyard.
  • Properties must remain clear of hazardous fuels throughout the year.


For properties over 10 acres:

  • Fire breaks are required at the discretion of the Fire Marshal.
  • Clearance standards are consistent with those for properties under 10 acres.
  • Orchards and vineyards must be mowed or disced fifty feet on both sides of any roadway.
  • Abatement work around oak trees must not disturb the soil under the dripline.
  • Like smaller properties, larger properties must maintain year-round clearance of hazardous fuels.


Exemptions to the ordinance include:

  • Growing hay and grain awaiting harvest, which must be cut at harvest time to avoid abatement.
  • Fenced pastures where existing livestock effectively control weeds and grasses.


Additional information about the program is available at:


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