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Column: Accolades and honors for Norma Moye 

Paso Robles Downtown Main Street Association Exective Director Norma Moye at her desk.

Moye has been ‘one of Paso’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders from high school to present day’

– Throughout the United States, main street executive directors make innumerable impacts on the communities they serve. Many are “front and center” while the constant work behind the scenes makes them possible. The California Main Street Association recently acknowledged Norma Moye and there was a presentation of a special arch emblazoned with “Norma’s Alley” at the Pine Street entrance to an alley that leads to her office colloquially known as Norma’s Way. Thanks to the vision of prominent local artist Dale Evers, the arch proceeded with approval from the city and was privately funded by generous individuals.

The mixed media art features colorful glass mosaic and ornamental highlights that give a theme to the arch. The acorn symbolizes our famous oaks; the fork and spoon represent the expansion of downtown’s food and wine culture. The rooster that is perched high above has a dual meaning. It’s Norma’s Chinese Zodiac sign and she says, “It’s probably because I crow a lot!”

Norma and Main St Board[24820]

Norma and the main street board at the arch dedication celebration.

The daily pace at the Downtown Paso Robles Main Street Association office is nonstop between phone calls and a steady stream of people that include business owners, volunteers, program members, residents, and tourists. Moye acknowledges Executive Assistant Susanne Anshen for her role in this honor by saying “I couldn’t have done it without her.’ Anshen has worked with Main Street for 27 years with duties that include marketing, memberships, city requirements, and all other businesses related to operating a nonprofit. Additionally, Anshen secured federal grant funding during the challenges of the pandemic when community events could not be held.


Downtown Main Street Association Executive Director Norma Moye.

Moye joined Main Street in 1988, serving as executive director since 1992. She was also recently honored for her 30th Anniversary as Main Street Executive Director by California State Senator John Laird. With a long, impressive family legacy, Moye has always been one of Paso’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders from high school to the present day. Her Bearcat cheerleader uniform is on display at the Carnegie Library.

For those of us who have known Moye for many years, she is usually not short on words. But his honor took her to a place where all she could say is “I am so humbled. Thank you. I love downtown.”

For additional information on Norma’s Arch, refer to the March 10, 2022, edition of Paso Robles Daily News.


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