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Opinion: County Democrats call for Trump to be removed from office 

Submitted by the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party

–San Luis Obispo County Democrats are asking their neighbors and local officials who have supported President Donald Trump in the past to condemn his central role in the deadly assault on our nation’s Capitol and publicly demand that he resign from office immediately.

“Despite our many differences in the past, thoughtful Republicans and Democrats here on the Central Coast – and especially our local elected officials who vow to defend our Constitution – should be able to agree that Donald Trump should resign and never again hold the office of President of the United States,” said Rita Casaverde, Chair of the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party (SLOCDP). “There are no excuses for this. Regardless of our political party affiliations – for the good of our country and our county – we invite everyone to join us in demanding that Trump put our nation’s interests above his own and resign.”

“Unfortunately, Trump will probably put his ego first and refuse to resign,” Casaverde says, “in which case Vice President Pence and his administration’s cabinet must invoke the provisions of our Constitution’s 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.” She says she is confident that if the Vice President fails to take appropriate action, the U.S. House of Representatives will move to impeach Trump, again, within the next several days, making Donald Trump the first president in the United States history to be impeached twice.

The SLOCDP at its Jan. 11 meeting unanimously adopted a resolution demanding that President Donald Trump be removed immediately and legally from office for treason and high crimes, and for local San Luis Obispo County officials – particularly those that rely on the Republican party’s support to win office – to join SLOCDP in its efforts to protect and defend the United States of America by condemning and repudiating Trump’s aberrant, unconstitutional and criminal acts.

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