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Video: SLO County fire chiefs ask for public’s help with COVID-19 response 

–With COVID-19 surging throughout California and San Luis Obispo County, local fire department chiefs created a video urging locals to help them by following state guidelines.

“With the numbers of Covid-19 cases growing fast this holiday season, it has put a strain on our first responders,” the video’s description says. “This is a call by the fire chiefs of San Luis Obispo County for people to help them, help you by following Covid Guidelines and Restrictions.”

The video includes Paso Robles Fire Department Chief Jonathan Stornetta, San Luis Obispo Fire Chief Keith Aggson, Five Cities Fire Chief Steve Lieberman, Morro Bay Fire Chief Steve Knuckles, Atascadero Fire Chief Casey Bryson, and Cal Fire SLO Chief John Owens.

Original report Dec. 18, 2020:

–Fire department chiefs in San Luis Obispo County are urging the public to “Help us help you,” by taking all necessary precautions to minimize the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus, including physical distancing, wearing a mask, and frequent handwashing.

Multiple fire departments throughout the county currently have firefighters infected with COVID-19 or away from work on quarantine orders. With fewer firefighters available to respond to emergency calls, the ability of these firefighters to help you and your family is diminished. “Your local fire department needs your help.”

Five Cities Fire Authority Fire Chief Steve Lieberman speaking on behalf of all the Fire Chiefs in San Luis Obispo County states, “First responders assume risk when they need to, it is part of the job. Our residents must remember that fire departments also need to be able to respond to fires, vehicle accidents, rescues, and hazardous materials spills. In order to do our job, we need our people healthy and at work.”

Paso Robles Firefighters union contract

Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services is a member of the San Luis Obispo County Fire Chiefs Association.

As of Sunday, nearly 35-percent of the first responders with the Five Cities Fire Authority were either on isolation or quarantine orders.

Lieberman continued, “I am pleased to have several of our staff members back at work today, and look for the others to be healthy and ready to help you. Losing 35-percent of our firefighting capability is significant. We need the public to “help us help you.”

Visit to learn more about what you can do to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

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