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Dean Venturini retires from ProDocs after 37 years 

Dean Venturini

Dean Venturini

Party thrown for Dean Venturini celebrating decades of devoted work

–Dean Venturini has worked at Pro Document Solutions in Paso Robles for 37 years. His co-workers threw a party for him Friday at the business on Commerce Way, celebrating his retirement from the work force. The gathering was filled with friends and family. There was plenty of food; burgers, chips and lots of sweets. Tables overflowed with cupcakes.

George Phillips is the CEO and president of Pro Document Solutions, the company Venturini worked for for nearly half of his life. But more than being the company’s president, Phillips is Venturini’s best friend. “George and I go way back,” said Venturini, now 69-years old.

“We go all the way back to high school,” said Phillips as he looked on his friend with affection. “He went to Templeton and I went to Paso.”

When Phillips’ Pro Doc Solutions was but an idea swimming around in his head, the first man he insisted bringing on board was Venturini. “At that time, I couldn’t think of a better person to bring on board,” said Phillips. “I still feel that way today. Nobody can replace Dean.”

It all started while the two were on a camping trip at Merced River in Central California. Both younger men at the time, and starting out on all kinds of adventures in life, Phillips told Venturini about the new business he was determined to open. Around a blazing campfire, Venturini listened as his friend revealed the plans for the up and coming business. The company offers document security and authentication services.

Phillips told Venturini to quit his present job and come on board with the new enterprise, even if it was only a clever thought. “So, what did you do?” asked a woman listening in on the conversation.

Venturini and Phillips looked at each other and laughed. “I quit my job and went to work with George!”

“Just like that?” she asked.

“Just like that,” he said. “George wouldn’t take no for an answer, anyway.” Venturini laughed as Phillips nodded his head in agreement.

“Retirement will feel great,” a well-meaning man said giving a gentle slap to Venturini’s shoulder.

Tears welled up in his eyes. “It’s hard. I don’t like leaving my friends and my family. All of these people here,” he said, looking around with a sweep of his eyes, “are my family. These people are my family.” He dropped his head into the crook of his arm; his eyes filled with tears.

Venturini said he’s going to concentrate on his farm and resting. After 37 years of work, “He deserves the rest,” said a friend.

“I can’t drive anymore, so I can’t work,” said Venturini.

Phillips quickly pointed out that Venturini was the key man on the job from the moment he began working at Pro Documents Solutions, that he knew the business up and down, forwards and backwards and all around; that if anybody needed anything, Venturini was the man to go to. “He is very well-loved. He’s the greatest person I’ve ever known. He’s really going to be missed around here.”

As Venturini sat in his chair greeting people; accepting kisses, hugs, and gifts, Phillips watched with a bright but sad smile. It was plain to see by all the people pouring in, that Phillips is right: Venturini is a man loved by many and he will be a man missed by many.



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