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Documentary looks at where humanity is headed 

Narrated by Jeff Bridges, documentary shown at SLO International Film Festival

—The 2018 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival recently took over San Luis Obispo, serving as the host to an array of interesting titles, and awesome events for filmmakers and audiences alike. Carious theaters around the Central Coast had special screenings of many different films and documentaries.

The SLO Visitor’s Guide was asked to screen “Living in the Future’s Past”, which is a documentary that inspires anyone viewing it to open their mind. The film shows the interconnections of our existence, which is revealed in this beautifully filmed documentary, and teaches us to understand our human nature, and asks meaningful questions about who we are as people.

This documentary is the brainchild of three individuals, including executive producer Jim Swift, who lived in San Luis Obispo from ’73 – ’83,  actor, producer and narrator Jeff Bridges, and director, editor and cinematographer, Susan Kucera. This film unveils a deeper understanding of some important questions we must ask ourselves.

The film premiered at the Santa Barbara Film festival. Jeff Bridges soothingly narrates “Living In The Future’s Past,” which features commentary from a collection of experts from many scientific fields, organically strung together to create a cohesive, intellectual story of human life: what makes us human, and our relationship to the planet we live on.

Sitting down to a good documentary once in a while, can turn into a meaningful awakening, and possibly have an influence on the way you view the world around you, and yourself. The captivating experience of a film, subject to the carefully composed score, can shake you to your core, inside the darkness of the theater.

The film highlights our use and dependence on energy, our human identities, and the psychological behaviors that have an impact on the way we see and interact with our world. The questions the makers of this film set out to answer, turned into a two-year-long project. Experts weigh in on this discussion about the common cultural dialogues surrounding the environment. Susan Kucera uses the data we know about the human mind to become a little wiser, and with this knowledge compels the audience to ask, “What can we do next?”

“Living In The Future’s Past” screened three times during the Slo Film Fest. To get a greater appreciation of the insights, motivations, and consequences of the human race’s impact on our planet, check out this documentary on their website,


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