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Economic changes, online gambling and mental health – 3 ways in which COVID-19 has affected us 

Economic changes

For the past couple of years, the COVID-19 pandemic has been ruling the world, not leaving space for much else. The virus has led to many hours spent at home, primarily alone. In the Paso Robles area, the SLO county reports record high numbers of active COVID-19 cases, making room for new restrictions and precautions for all living in the area. With the high number of cases, County Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein advises all citizens to “avoid gatherings, wear the best mask you can, and get vaccinated or boosted if you are eligible”.

All of these extra necessary precautions made us wonder: Just how much has the pandemic changed our country – and the world? Read on to discover 3 prominent ways in which we found the pandemic has affected us as a society.

The gambling industry is growing

The online gambling industry has had a huge rise in popularity as people have been stuck at home. It has even caused more than half the country to start legalizing betting. Online casinos have also experienced a significant boost, as people have sought for alternatives to the land-based casinos that have been closed. Now, it is even possible to find sites that make it easy to pick out the best online casino for your particular needs. This means you get enticing offers and free spins for every casino, all in one place for you to pick and choose from. You can learn more about the casinos here and even see one of the sites for yourself.

Physical and mental health has been in jeopardy

It is sadly no surprise that both mental and physical health has declined for many people during the pandemic. Many facilities and activities have been forced to shut down, which has kept e.g. gym-goers out of their gyms for long periods of time. Pools and other sports facilities have also been closed, and this has made regular exercise hard to maintain for many. Combined with people being at home and sitting down more to watch TV or play online casino, it has resulted in a concerning decline in physical activity over the course of the work or school day.

The orders to stay at home as much as possible have also affected people more than just physically. Being alone and isolated can lead to many health risks including mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression. Being around other people is important to stimulate the brain and mind – so to stay healthy, make sure to stay connected.

A change in the economy

The pandemic has been extremely expensive, and this has made an impact on the economy. Both people and businesses have experienced the changes, as they affect everyone in some way. Everything – from the stock market and the hospitals to the retail industry, casinos and the job market – has been affected by the pandemic.

Let’s look at it in actual numbers: We generally say that if the economy is growing, it’ll generate wealth and available jobs. The growth or shrinkage of the economy is measured in percentage change in gross domestic product (GDP), which is the value of goods and services produced. It has been estimated that the global economy shrunk by 4.4% in 2020, which is also described as the worst decline since the Great Depression. The economy has clearly taken a turn for the worse during the pandemic. Thankfully, other sources believe the economy to be on the mend again, and it’ll hopefully will be closer to normal very soon.

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