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Electricraft Harnesses The Sun’s Energy With Solar Installation In San Luis Obispo County 

–Imagine having the ability to harness clean, free energy, and power anything. That is what solar power and solar installation in San Luis Obispo is all about. With such a dependance on fossil fuels, people in the United States and all over the world are slowly shifting to a new way of thinking. Globally and especially locally, everyone can can combat the negative side effects of being hooked on oil, and oil byproducts by considering solar installation in San Luis Obispo county and all other places in the world. We can clean up some of the CO2 emissions, and back off of using coal and natural gas. Mining causes damage to the environment, and to the miners working beneath the earth surface. Mining poisons the water, and strips the forests clean, upturning the ground, digging deeper and deeper in search of deposits. Fracking for natural gas is just as dangerous, and can poison the groundwater with fracking chemicals. Daily living in most of the world demands such high amounts of energy, and most of the sources being used on a daily basis worldwide are very dirty ways to achieve this end result. One way to fill the demand is with solar power and solar installation in San Luis Obispo County.

Electricraft is proud to be part of the solar energy movement, locally providing solar panels, installation, repairs, and information for customers in San Luis Obispo, California. Electricraft knows the advantages to using solar power, and can help make any place fully solar powered. Storing the free energy harnessed from the sun in batteries, and using it at a later date when the skies are foggy or grey, ensures that energy will be available 24/7. Keeping the solar panels clean a few times per year is all it takes as far as maintenance, and most solar panels come with warranties for any issues. There are no moving parts to worry about, so wear and tear is not much of a problem. The technology in the solar power industry is always improving, and Electricraft keeps up with the latest technology for solar installation in San Luis Obispo.

With the sun’s warm rays, Electricraft helps to provide a wide array of energy to customers. Not only does solar energy provide electricity (photovoltaics), but heating homes and businesses is also another product (solar thermal). Solar energy has the ability to bring electricity and heating to places that are not on the grid, and can even pull clean drinking water from thin air. Solar power provides clean drinking water! For a cleaner, brighter, future think solar, and contact Electricraft for any solar installation needs in San Luis Obispo!

Electricraft, Inc.

200 Suburban Rd. Suite A

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


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