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Family Dentist In Nipomo, Releases ‘Tips to Reduce Anxiety About Dental Implants’ 

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Family dentist in Nipomo, Doctors Douglas Ng, and Christina Do, have released some important tips to help reduce anxiety about receiving dental implants. Anxiety is one of the main reasons people stay away from the dentist and learning to relax is a big part of reducing fear and stress.

Tips to reduce anxiety about dental implants

Being anxious before heading into the dentist’s office is something that millions of people experience. Maybe not so much before a routine check-up, but certainly so when facing a seemingly complex procedure like dental implants.

The professional and caring staff and dentists at Nipomo Family Dentistry offer the following tips to help people reduce anxiety:

  • Talk to the dentist
  • Use headphones during the procedure
  • Use relaxation techniques

Talk to the dentist

It is natural to be anxious about dental, or any medical, procedure. Instead of trying to ignore the anxiety, which only makes it worse, discuss it with the dentist. Making your dentist aware that you are anxious and what you are anxious about helps your dentist know how to help.

What do you like least about a dental visit? Sitting still with your mouth open? The sound of a drill? Fear of pain during or after? Instead of keeping the anxiety bottled up, talk to the dentist who can answer all of your questions about the procedure. The Nipomo dentists encourage everyone to discuss every procedure with their dentist.

Remember, dentists are highly trained and caring medical professionals and have many resources available to help you be as comfortable as possible during and after any procedure.

Use headphones during the procedure

If your dentist provides relaxing audio or televised services during procedures, take advantage of them. If not, bring your own headphones with your favorite music to listen to during the procedure.

Use relaxation techniques

Relaxing isn’t always easy but there are practices that can help. The family dentists in Nipomo usually schedule procedures far enough ahead that you have some time to explore relaxation techniques.

  • Practicing deep breathing by inhaling deeply and slowly through the nose and exhaling slowly through the mouth. Count to five for the inhale, hold for a count of five then exhale to the same count. Practice two to three times a day, 10 repetitions each time.
  • A tired body is a relaxed body. Do some mild exercise before the appointment.
  • Avoid caffeine and sugar for 24 hours before the appointment.

The dentists and staff at Nipomo Family Dentistry want everyone to enjoy good dental health and encourage regular checkups and good oral hygiene practices. Patients of all ages receive the latest state-of-the-art services and patient comfort is a priority.

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