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Find your path to wellness and change your life 

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A new path to wellness

Kris Allen with a client.

Are you feeling sluggish? Have you been suffering from digestive issues and mood swings, or have you been battling anxiety and depression? What if I were to tell you that you could be healthier, lose weight, be taken off prescription drugs, stop anxiety, and leave fatigue behind?

This is all within your reach, and the journey to achieving improved health and lifestyle is not as difficult as you may have been led to believe.

Kris Allen, at New Path to Wellness, lays the foundation to radically improve your health. With a background in Integrative Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, bodywork, and herbalism, along with years of experience within the health & wellness field, Kris can get you on the path to a balanced life.

Allen has served the Central Coast for 14 years as a California Certified Massage Therapist. Through her massage career she has found her true calling; being of service to others. Kris is transitioning from solely practicing massage therapy, to that of an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach.

With a lack of preventative health care, many Americans are facing a reality of depression, addictions, disease, and chronic pain. Imagine waking up each day to a healthier version of YOU, ready to take on the world with renewed excitement and vitality, ready to experience new adventures and conquer new goals.

We’re all unique and there is no one-size-fits-all path to diets, health or wellness. With her individualized coaching techniques, Allen sets the ball in motion and supports each person with their very own customized plan that is suited to meet their needs. With her encouragement, support, enthusiasm, and knowledge she will lead you towards real results.

A client of Allen’s recently shared her experience: “Kris offers seeds of wisdom and advice, and dares to ask the hard questions to help her clients to a place where change actually becomes a possibility and eventually a reality,” said S. C., Actress & Comedian. (This client dropped 10 pounds in one month!)

Allen will help you discover the building blocks to creating lasting health through her guided programs and get back the functionality of your body, mind and soul. She takes into account your lifestyle and behaviors and helps you develop a program that encompasses your entire being.

“A healthy lifestyle is an investment, not an expense. It will become an expense if you don’t take the time now to invest in real health.”

In one of her three to six-month personalized programs, Allen will help you reverse the effects of unhealthful lifestyles, by providing guidance and teaching you the skills needed to sustain a healthy momentum and maintain long-lasting healthful behaviors.

A sample of her program includes the following:

• Two one-hour sessions per month in person, phone or Zoom/Skype
• Continual Support via text/email between sessions for questions, tips, & encouragement
• Meal planning & meal prep session (quick & easy meal prep tips for simpler healthier meals)
• Handouts / suggested reading specifically to your needs and goals
• Field-trips / guided hikes, yoga classes, farmers markets and so much more…
• Monthly newsletter

New Path to Wellness is the Central Coast’s answer to the missing ‘link’ in the chain of support within the healthcare industry, where guidance and a healthful balanced approach goes a long way towards achieving sustainable and lasting change. Allen looks at your nutritional patterns and relationships, as well as physical fitness, spirituality and more. All the factors in your life that are relevant to health and wellbeing are explored to achieve your best version of you.

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