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Finding a suitable remote work 

If you want to work in slippers at the kitchen table, go out into the yard for some fresh air at lunchtime, and have constant access to the refrigerator, you can afford it. We tell you how to find a remote job, not be deceived by expectations, and not be cheated by scammers.

Job Search Websites

Searching for vacancies remotely usually starts with sites designed for this purpose. There you can enter a specialty in the search bar and see available ads. Check out what kind of employee employers are looking for, then write and post a resume. All popular job sites have filters or “Remote Job” tabs. Just check the boxes you need and start selecting suitable vacancies. You can find out what Lensa’s blogpost explains about using this tool to find a job.

Groups on Social Networks

There are many communities and public pages for remote employees on social networks: some publish only vacancies, and others supplement them with tips, life hacks, stories, and memes. Important nuances:

  • Be careful when studying the texts of vacancies: immediately find out if they offer you remote work or freelancing. So, you save time and energy.
  • A small but lively group may be rich in interesting jobs, and a popular community is filled with advertising and online job offers.
  • Look for specialized and thematic communities related to your profession. For example, in a group of Internet marketers, you will find relevant vacancies, and selections in this case can be trusted (the ad creator has at least studied where to find professionals and receive relevant responses).

Friends Who Work Remotely

Social networks have long reduced six handshakes to two or three. You can easily get through to anyone, the main thing is politeness and unobtrusiveness.

If you are lucky enough to have friends who have been working remotely for a long time and successfully, write to them directly: “I am looking for a remote job, I know how to do this and that, maybe your company needs a person like me?”

You are not asking for help, on the contrary, you are offering it. Successful remote employees are hard to find because they have certain personal qualities that not everyone has: self-discipline alone is worth it.

Many companies even have referral programs: an employee who recommends a suitable candidate receives a small bonus if this specialist accomplishes the probationary period and remains in the company.


If you are pedantic and strive to use all the possibilities, head to different forums. Set up filters or go to the tab “Remote work,” and you will see a lot of vacancies.

There are stereotypes that normal jobs (not network marketing) are hard to find on forums. However, in reality, more and more serious employers are not too lazy to publish vacancies there.

How Not to Waste Time and Nerves on Scammers

Regardless of the source (employers undergo thorough moderation only on job search sites), do not apply for vacancies in the description of which:

  • you are offered to pay for the review of your resume;
  • ID details are requested straightaway;
  • there are no special requirements for applicants, but you need to go through paid training before starting work (if it is free, questions also arise);
  • employees of a certain gender and age are required (for example, only young girls);
  • duties do not correspond to the title of the position (for example, the manager of an online store must advertise on Internet resources);
  • the salary is too low, and the requirements are high, or the offered hourly rate is too high, especially compared to the average fee in the niche;
  • you are required not only to do the work but also to look for other employees to whom you can delegate your responsibilities.


Today, you can find a job with any type of employment online – from a one-time project to permanent employment. Employers are increasingly interested in professionals working from home. Many companies have been surprised to find that more productive employees work remotely. It has turned out that it is not necessary to keep spacious offices and equip dozens of workplaces.

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