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Fire damage fire and smoke damage Santa Maria-based company releases report on smoke damage tips 

smoke damage santa maria

Fire and smoke damage Santa Maria-based company, SERVPRO, have released a report detailing tips to prevent fires. To view the report, visit their blog or see below:

Fire and smoke can cause severe damage to a home or business. Even a small fire can produce large volumes of smoke and cause unwanted and often unseen damage. Here are some tips to keep in mind when dealing with smoke damage.

  • After a fire, one may be anxious to begin cleaning one’s house and attempting to restore it. The very first thing to be done is contact an insurance agency to check for coverage, and then contact a restoration company, like SERVPRO, to begin restoration.
  • Make sure to gain permission from the Fire Marshall before reentering the property. It’s critical to make sure that the property in question is safe to enter before setting foot inside. If entering, be sure to wear a protective device over the mouth and nose to prevent inhaling toxins left from the fire. If a professional restoration company has yet to be contacted, who knows what kinds of toxins may be in the air?
  • Do not attempt to clean any household carpets, textiles, draperies, or upholstered furniture. Smoke is oily and must be cleaned in a very specific way, so attempting to clean may cause additional and possibly irreparable damage.
  • Remember to change the furnace filter at least once a day. If the property has an operating filter, replace daily until no soot is visible.
  • Smoke odors can remain in clothing, furniture, draperies, and carpets after any retail sprays evaporate. To eliminate the odor entirely, it is crucial to deodorize it with a highly-effective ozone treatment. Without one, the odor may never be diminished.
  • Smoke will enter and remain in and between walls of the living space. If not properly removed, during damp periods the odor will return.
  • Cover clean items with plastic. While repairs are being carried out in the property, cover unaffected items to prevent additional tarnishing.
  • Carpets should be dealt with by professional cleaners. It may take a few cleaning, or may need to be replaced entirely.
  • Do not attempt to wipe down walls. Professionals use chemical sponges to effectively clean smoke and soot from varied surfaces, attempting to wipe walls down may only result in further damage.


Fire and Smoke Damage Santa Maria

SERVPRO offers 24/7 restoration services to customers experiencing difficulties with water, fire, smoke, or mold damage! They’re always readily available to take care of any emergency restoration needs in a timely and professional manner possible to restore any property to pre-damage conditions and quickly make it “Like it never happened.” Give them a call at (805) 922-5457.

Servpro of Santa Maria
260 N. Blosser Road, Santa Maria, CA 93458
(805) 922-5457

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