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From third degree burns to first degree businessman 

-A message from Central Coast Moving and Storage-

central coast moving and storage

Central Coast Moving & Storage founder’s story

By Austin Yarborough

– I’ll never forget the day my dad was injured in a helicopter accident. That day marked the start of my journey with Central Coast Moving & Storage. It was a tough time, but it taught me about resilience and seizing new opportunities. In this journey, my family and my mother, a dedicated school teacher in Paso Robles, played inspirational roles. Her commitment to helping others and putting their needs ahead of her own, even when it wasn’t the easiest path, has been a guiding light in my life. Her hard work and selflessness have deeply influenced my approach to business and life.

Growing up in a small town, I was always driven to achieve something significant. My parents instilled in me the importance of giving your all – 120% – and always helping others. I’ve learned that tough experiences are opportunities to learn and open new doors. My dedication and passion for what I do brought me here, but this is just the beginning for me and my company Central Coast Moving & Storage. Building something meaningful taught me that your strength comes from the people around you – your family, friends, colleagues, and everyone you meet. As we grow here in San Luis Obispo County, it’s extremely important to us to give back to the community that’s let us

At the age of 10, my dad had a helicopter accident that left him with severe burns. My family members Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike from Aptos, CA took me in as their own. They were business entrepreneurs themselves who showed me the rewards of taking risks outside my comfort zone and building relationships. My uncle even almost motivated me enough to start a recycling business once! At a Jr. CEO event for the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce, I met a young entrepreneur named Aiden who ran Recycling Is Fun. I’ve been investing in his business’s growth by having him recycle my bottles and cans. That experience with my aunt and uncle sparked my entrepreneurial spirit.

My true business journey began in 2015 in Chico, CA, while studying for my degree in business administration with a focus on marketing and sales. I was self-financing my education and discovered the professional moving industry – which is far from your average Joe movers on Craigslist. Balancing school four days a week and working on the other days, I aimed to graduate debt-free. I juggled a full-time school schedule with three jobs: my own small ventures, assisting my college friend Neacail Murdocks at Murdock’s Moving & Storage (at the time Murdock’s Affordable Hauling & Junk Removal and we called it our “Strategic Alliance”), and working at Two Men & A Truck. This period was crucial for applying my academic learning to practical business experiences. I realized the importance of modern communication, leadership, and technology in business. My vision of prioritizing clients and employees began to take shape.

After graduating college, a podcast episode about 1-800 GOT JUNK inspired me to dream BIG for my moving company. Brian Scudamore’s story motivated me to transform my small business into something as impactful as 1-800 GOT JUNK.

Central Coast Moving & Storage is a leader in the moving industry through exceptional customer service and continuous improvement. I moved back to Paso Robles in July 2018, and with support from my dad and my grandma, who were the first investors in my dream, we’ve grown rapidly. Our team of over 30 individuals is committed to personal and professional growth. We take pride in training employees to become top-notch movers, adhering to our #1 core value, The Grandson Rule: treating every client with kindness, courtesy, and respect as if you were moving your grandparents. As of November 2020, amidst the pandemic, we launched Central Coast Storage, offering nearly 100 mobile storage containers and custom options.

In the past three years, I’ve worked with three consultants to enhance my business and leadership skills. My good friend and mentor, Steven Herring, CEO of All About Events, introduced me to Erin at Collaboration LLC for personal and business development. The DISC assessment for myself and the leadership team has been instrumental in improving our communication and understanding of different personalities.

Our company ethos is rooted in the concept of Kaizen – continuous improvement. This is evident in our top-tier trucks, uniforms, equipment, standardized video training for every role company-wide, mobile storage services, and our commitment to the standard of the top 1% of moving companies globally.

A quote from Guy Kawasaki, “Make Meaning, Then Make Money,” has always resonated with me. It’s about more than profit – it’s about giving generously. Thanks to this philosophy, we’ve donated over $10,000 to our community this year, including providing 200 Thanksgiving turkeys through ECHO & PSHH.

If you or someone like you whom you would trust us to move, give us a call, share our story, and remember, Central Coast Moving & Storage is here for you! For a free moving estimate, visit us online or call anytime 24/7 at (805) 441-4429.

For more information or to feature us in your community project, contact me directly: or my cell at (805) 441-6118.

P.S. Spot our trucks? Share on Instagram and join our story. Let’s get moving!

PP.S. Check out Brian’s inspiring podcast: 1-800 GOT JUNK PODCAST ON SPOTIFY.


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