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Going to Vegas for a Fun Weekend? Here’s The Latest on the Current State Including COVID-19 Rules 


If you’re thinking about going for a weekend of gambling in our neighboring state, there are a few things that are good to know about the current state of things. Restrictions including the mask mandate have been lifted. This means that you can visit Vegas for a weekend of fun again. Read much more on the details here.

Our neighboring state is always an attraction for gambling lovers and people looking for a good time. The pandemic put a stopper to almost everything including of course the entertainment center of Las Vegas. Even though the pandemic is still present and can be felt all over the country, many things have gone more or less back to how it was. This means you can now gamble and have a good time in Vegas again. But there are still things that are important to stay updated on before you head for the gambling capital.

What are the restrictions?

First of all, there are no vaccination or testing requirements for domestics going to Nevada. But there are still lots of places where you can get tested in Vegas, which is of course still recommended. Also, you no longer have to wear a mask in most places. The only official exception is when you use indoor public transportation. As it is at the moment, there aren’t any major requirements when you’re an American traveling to Vegas.

If you do still want to wait a while longer before going to crowded places or you just want to practice beforehand, there are plenty of options to do your gambling online. This is another way to get some of the same excitement as in Vegas, but without having to travel. If this is what you want to do instead, you can go online to get free spins and play online casino. Here you’ll find all the same games as in the Vegas casinos – only online instead.

Will it be Vegas as we know it?

You might be wondering whether you can expect a real Vegas experience if you choose to go now. The good news is that most of Vegas are open as it used to be. Hotels, restaurants, shows, and of course casinos, are open again. And now that the state has chosen to lift the mask requirement, things will be much like the pre-pandemic normal. Now, you can go to Vegas for a week of gambling and just focus on having fun like you used to.

The State encourages residents and visitors of Nevada to still be aware of the risk of COVID-19. It is still very present in many places around the world. There will be a few places in Vegas where you will still have to wear a mask. It’s a good idea to check in on the current requirements regularly since these can change very quickly if the numbers should rise again.

You can also check out the calendar of local events here in Paso Robles if you’re looking for exciting weekend plans.

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