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How to create your perfect winter getaway 

Are you tired of your mundane, daily routines? Are you dreaming of stepping away and being surrounded by snow and warm drinks? Well, look no further! In this article, we’ll help you visualize your perfect getaway and plan it for your next winter vacation!

Here are some activities you can include in your winter getaway:

1.   Get Custom Snowmobile Tracks

Travel with ease as you admire your surroundings with custom snowmobile tracks that will fit your need and the activities you want to do. Whether you want to go to a cross-country, trail, or mountain adventure, having the best snowmobile will unlock great experiences.

You can flaunt your snowmobiling skills in the following locations:

  • West Yellowstone, Montana
  • Priest Lake, Idaho
  • Pittsburg, New Hampshire
  • Germain, Wisconsin
  • Hokkaido, Japan
  • Lake Baikal Coast, Siberia
  • Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada
  • Northern Iceland

As with all adventures, you need to ensure your safety. When snowmobile riding, use the safety course and anticipate the trail conditions and the weather forecasts beforehand. It’s also advisable to ride with at least one other person and always be ready with a first-aid kit.

2.   Have A Winter Wildlife Viewing

If you want to observe how wildlife goes through the winter and learn more about them, winter wildlife viewing is for you. Aside from spending your time with nature and animals, you’ll get to know more about them and share photographs of these majestic creatures.

Some of the places you can have winter wildlife viewing includes:

  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Skagit Valley, Washington, United States
  • Canadian Arctic

3.   Prepare Your Camera and Do Winter Photography

Whether you want to take pictures as a keepsake, for your profession, or just a hobby – a perfect getaway always includes photos. You don’t have to visit a popular area, it may even be a simple trip to a nearby place, but you can always see beauty in everything and wherever you go.

If you want to dedicate a trip and plan for a destination with spectacular winter views, you can try the following places:

  • Swiss Alps, Switzerland
  • Lofoten Islands, Norway
  • Banff, Alberta
  • Prague, Czech Republic

To be winter photography ready, don’t forget your photography gloves, quality filters, warm boots, and layers and layers of clothing!

4.   Watch the Northern Lights

Who wouldn’t want to experience the aurora borealis at least once? Watch these elegant lights rippling through the sky for an unforgettable experience. During the day, you can also try winter fishing or stay in a sauna.

You can best see the aurora in northern places with high altitudes, such as:

  • Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Yellowknife, NWT, Canada
  • Tromsø, Scandinavia
  • Kirkenes, Scandinavia
  • The Lofoten Islands, Scandinavia
  • North Cape (Nordkapp), Scandinavia
  • Svalbard, Scandinavia

5.   Participate in the Good Old Skiing

Who doesn’t think of skiing when winter is mentioned? Even if you’re a novice or an expert in skiing, there’s always a place to cater to you for the winter. If you have a ski town in mind you’re pumped to visit, then you should prepare in advance, especially if you’re new to the ski-resort environment.

Here are some tips you can use for a practical ski trip:

  • Research the snow amount in the location. You might expect some thin snow just to enjoy some noobie ski tricks, but you should be aware that some mountains are visited by early-season snow too. You can rely on the location’s historical snowfall data and experiences from past tourists.
  • If you plan to rent gears, get in touch with the rental supplier first. Discuss what equipments you’ll want to use and if they are available. You can also ask them what they recommend to you, depending on your expertise level.
  • Ask around about the best ski instructors in that location. You can even use your social media for this endeavor to reach out to possible leads.
  • To be the most comfortable in a ski town, book a condo. Yes! There are condos in ski towns, and you can book these through property management companies.

6.   Stay In and Relax!

If spending your vacation outdoors with rigorous activities is not your idea of fun, then you can just set your living room to fit all your comfort needs! Stack on a rack of cocoa or coffee, sit back, and have your favorite series and movies line up. Or you can laze around and read a good book. What you do with your time is your business alone, so don’t let other people guilt you into going anywhere you don’t want to!

Here are some great winter drinks you can try and make at home:

  • Warm Hazelnut Toddy
  • Blender Eggnog
  • Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate
  • Spicy Mulled Wine
  • Viennese Coffee
  • Mulled Dr. Pepper
  • Maple Hot Chocolate

Your Perfect Winter Getaway Is Closer Than You Think

You can pack many things in your winter getaway, and it will all depend on what you like! Remember to prioritize what makes you happy and what you want to experience. In the end, vacations are meant to take your mind off of things so you can relax and be reinvigorated with what life has to offer.



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