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How to Make More Money Right Now In Your Current Job 

Sometimes you will find you have a hard question to answer; you need more money, and you love your job, so which are you going to sacrifice? Are you going to quit your job and find something that pays more, even if you love your 9-5 and the people you work with, or will you stay put but struggle for money? This is a tough call to make, understandably, but what if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could earn more money in your current job and have the best of both worlds? It might sound an impossible task, but there are ways it can be done; read on to find out how it could become a reality for you.

Ask for a Raise

The first thing you should try, and perhaps the most straightforward idea of all, is to ask for a raise. If you truly feel you deserve one and your work has been exemplary, then asking for more money (and receiving it) means you can stay in your current job and have the money you need to pay all your bills and still have something left over for fun (because this is extremely important).

If you want to make the best case for yourself, don’t wait until your employer offers you the raise; you should go out and get it for yourself. Make a list of all the things you do in the business that show you are worthy of more money. Anything outside your job description is a great addition to this list, as is anything you do to help others within the company. You might also mention the length of time you have been working there, how much effort you are putting in, how much the cost of living has gone up, and even what other companies are paying for a comparable job.

Ask for a Promotion

Your employer might not be able to offer you a raise due to a variety of different factors, but there is something else you can try. You could ask for a promotion instead, as long as it comes with additional money you need, of course. The more responsibility you have in your work, the more you should get paid, so if you’re ready and able to take the next step up and become something more within the company you are working, now is the time to go after it.

This idea is not going to suit everyone. Not everyone wants or needs to have more responsibility, and not every is cut out for a higher-level job than the one they are working. It might simply be that you like doing what you are doing and don’t want to do anymore. If this is the case, asking for promotion won’t work; if you were to get it, you wouldn’t be happy.

If you do choose to go down this route, you need to make sure your resume is up to date and reads well. Make sure you’ve included all the skills you feel are important when it comes to your job, and explain just why you think you’re ready for more responsibility. You may need to have an interview for the new post, so practicing these skills is crucial too.

Keep Learning

It really makes no difference what sector you work in or what level you’re at within it, you are sure to find there is always something else to learn, and plenty of chances to increase your knowledge. It is taking these chances that is going to help you earn more in your current job. For example, studying for an online masters degree UK in your spare time isn’t only something that will benefit you when it comes to your knowledge, but it will benefit the business you’re working for too. Adding this to your resume will impress your current employer and show that you are worth more money than you are currently being paid, especially if you can prove how your new knowledge is going to help you do your job more efficiently.

If all else fails and your boss still isn’t keen on giving you more money or is unable to due to the company’s finances, that second degree or other qualifications will undoubtedly look useful to another employer. Although it might not be quite what you wanted, it could be exactly what you need, so if you want to look for another job, you should do it.

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