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How to Travel to Kenya on a Budget? 

Generally speaking, living in Kenya is not expensive. It is even possible to travel cheaper than you can expect depending on the period you decide to go there. In high season, for example, prices can go up by more than 60%. It is advisable then to choose the date of your trip accordingly if you are on a tight budget.

If you have decided to travel to Kenya, there is no doubt that you will want to do a safari trip. Kenya has the most beautiful national parks on the African continent and it is this activity that is most likely to consume your budget because safari trips tend to be very expensive.

Maybe some consolation to you will be the fact that in the Tanzanian neighboring countries the prices are much higher. So better abandon your plans of visiting other Tanzanian countries, and plan your trip to Kenya if you are on a budget.

Kenya wants to attract as many visitors as possible and the price of a safari is a bit lower than elsewhere. There are plenty of means to live in Kenya for three times nothing. By accepting basic comfort and a daily life as close as possible to the native inhabitants, a trip to Kenya will not cost you much!

In this article, we’d like to talk about the budget you should spend on your trip to Kenya. Here, you will also find the information about transportation, accommodation, safari, and food costs.

Read on to find out all about the best tips on how can you travel to and explore Kenya on a budget!

Kenya e-Visa

Most travelers coming to Kenya will need to obtain permission to enter the country. You have to get a few days in advance of your trip.

Nowadays, citizens of many countries are eligible to obtain a visa online without going to an embassy!

The cost of an online Kenya visa is 99 EUR. All foreign travelers willing to visit Kenya for leisure, business, or transit reasons may apply for the Kenyan e-visa.

Spare a few minutes and submit your application on from home or any other place. The process can be completed using any working device and the approved e-Visa to Kenya will be delivered straight to your email box!

Getting an electronic visa does not only save you money but also time and energy!

Traveling to Kenya on a budget

Transportation and Accommodation

The price of transport is almost nothing. A matatu trip between Nairobi and Mombasa costs barely $10. It is slightly a little more expensive by bus but the prices can also go up according to the comfort you are looking for.

There is a great choice for accommodation as well. Very cheap hotels offer double rooms for just $6. However, for a luxurious suite in a lodge in the Masai Mara, it is not uncommon to see prices like, e.g., $1,000 per night, therefore,  you might want to choose a cheaper option.

What is the Minimum Budget for a Kenya Safari?

As we have already said, traveling to Kenya would not be complete without a safari. For a 6 night private safari in Kenya passing through the Masai Mara, you need a minimum budget of $1500.

It is possible to go to Kenya for less, but for that it will be necessary to reduce the duration of the safari and to combine with a stay at the seaside. It is thus possible to make a safari for less than $1500 if you can brave the weather and stay outside for several nights. Don’t worry, sleeping in a tent at the beach or safari is safe.

How the Price of a Safari in Kenya Breaks Down

The price of a 5 or 6-night safari in Kenya includes 3 following items, of which each consumes about 1/3 of the overall budget:

  • The international plane ticket,
  • The 4×4 vehicle and the driver-guide,
  • Accommodation and entrances to parks.

There are huge price differences on accommodation and entrance fees depending on the park. The Masai Mara is by far the most expensive park in Kenya.

How To Go On Safari In Kenya For Less?

There are a few solutions how to go on safari in Kenya at lower cost:

  • opting for a group safari rather than a private safari, or going with friends, so costs like vehicle and guide are divided by a greater number of participants,
  • choose the date in the low season. For example: between November and April (apart from the holidays) and there will also be fewer people at the safari.
  • shorten the safari part of the trip and complete with a few nights by the sea, beach hotels are less expensive than bush camps.

Tips for Travelers on a Budget

  1. If you decide to go on a safari, make sure to sleep in lodges and camps located outside the parks. You will only pay the entrance fees for the days spent on safari, and the nights will be cheaper.
  2. Apart from Safari, if you want cheaper transportations in Kenya, you can opt for Uber or Taxify. Although it may sound like the most expensive option, if you are new to the country, chances are higher that taxi drivers will rip you off.
  3. If you are looking for a place to stay outside of safari parks, you can look for the most affordable stays using Airbnb or Booking. There are many cheap options you can choose from that are less expensive than hotels.
  4. As for food, hygiene should come first. We recommend that you cook your own meals or opt for uber eats for delivery. Of course, you can take a look at the local shops and restaurants but don’t order anything until you read the prices and check if the place is clean.

Final words

Although there is more to do in Kenya than going for Safari, many people traveling to the country treat safari adventure as the top attraction of the whole stay.

We have tried to focus on the most important activities you can do in Kenya while keeping in mind an affordable budget.

Don’t forget that your budget also has to include a certain amount of money for your e-Visa! Apply at least 3 business days before your Kenyan trip!



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