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How to Use Instagram for Your Small Business 

How to Use Instagram for Your Small Business

There’s so much that you can use Instagram for in business. It’s undoubtedly a powerful social media marketing tool for small businesses.  Whether it’s dealing with customer queries to sending a product or service viral, there’s a wealth of features that you should definitely harness and help catapult your business to another level.  81% of users use the platform to research products and services so if you’re not doing it yet, you’re missing out on getting more Instagram likes and Instagram views. Here’s 1394TA’s guide for using Instagram for small businesses and growing your Instagram followers.  For more on growing your social media presence using social media marketing.

Buy Authentic Followers

You need your profile to stand out and remain visible to others.  The biggest accounts always get more airtime but to have a big Instagram account, you need to grow Instagram followers.  If you don’t have time to grow organically, consider buying Instagram followers but choose a reputable company like 1394TA.  Celebrities and brands are doing it so you can. We provide authentic followers from real Instagram accounts that instantly grow your Instagram followers.  Additionally, you could also buy Instagram views and Instagram likes from 1394TA.  It’s quick, easy, and genuine.

Set Up Your Profile

If you don’t have one already, set up a business account and get to grips with your profile.  There are an abundance of new Instagram features and settings so check them out and make a note to regularly check for newness.  Update your business hours, your location, contact details and link your account to your business catalogue (website).  Make sure your bio and profile picture are uniform with your other social media.

Optimize Your Bio Link

Don’t forget to use the “link in bio” option to direct your Instagram followers to new content and evergreen links to your biggest services or best-selling products.  If you have multiple links, then your landing page is really important.  Replicate it on your Instagram profile to give users an easy way to get onto your website and convert views into sales.

Add Geotags to Your Posts

Always add your location name to your posts so your users know where to find you and where you’re based.  If you haven’t already done this then go through your old posts and edit them to include this information.

Utilize the Save Posts Function

This helps you to boost your content strategy. Instagram gives you the option to save posts and sort them into a collection for future viewing.  Create collections to show you what competitors post and to give you inspiration, to collect exceptional captions that others use, to give you ideas for future Instagram posts, for customer reviews and to collect data on interesting influencers that you might want to use at a later date. Whenever you see an impressive post, save it.

Highlight Important Information

When you hop onto Instagram stories, you can use the highlight feature which gives you an opportunity to share more information about your company and what it does.  Highlighting stories also keeps them alive, rather than disappearing within 24 hours.  By highlighting posts, they stay visible on your profile for as long as you want them, indefinitely even!  You can highlight a few posts that hold information on your brand, your brand values and your opening hours as an example.  You can also add your business location or locations if you have more than one.  Add customer reviews or other Instagram users’ posts when they tag you.  Another good idea is to create an FAQ in your highlights.  Maybe include a product or service of the week too.

Devise Some Product Guides

In a similar guise to Instagram highlights, you can add some guides on your favorite posts to show how to use products or how you perform services.  This is more of an editorial post, but you can also include photographs from your own feed and from others’ feeds that you’ve saved already.

Be Original with Captions

Captions on Instagram are all-important and a good one will grab people’s attention.  It’s those captions that help with the decision-making process of your followers, whether or not they’ll follow you and also whether or not they’ll hop onto your website and buy whatever it is you’re selling.  Research what your competitors do and make sure your caption is original.  Always include keywords so your product or service is easily searchable.

Use Instagram Live

The Instagram Live feature allows you to go live quite literally and interact with your users in real time.  It’s a great way to connect with your customers and be more visible, plus it gives you that human touch that is so important right now.  Use it to showcase new products, new ranges, or new services, show people how to wear the clothes you sell or how to use a product.  Or why not host a live question and answer session?

Do a Giveaway

The quickest way to boost your Instagram following is to offer something for free. Encourage people to like, follow and share your post for a chance to win something for free.  When followers share your post, it gains visibility and encourages other people to follow you – therefore growing your fan base very quickly!  You can also offer follow-only promotions, so an Instagram user must follow your account to take part.  FOMO is a big thing these days – no one wants to miss out so what better way than to encourage people to follow you than by telling them that to gain access to a promotion, they have to follow you!



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