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The Importance of Heating System Inspections 

–Air Rite, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors and heater repair Atascadero, has released, “The Importance of Heating System Inspections,” to help home and business owners avoid expensive repairs to their HVAC systems. Arne Johansen, co-owner, said “Neglected HVAC equipment is a main reason for system failures.” The report is available on the website for heater repair Atascadero or read the report below.
Important Heating System Inspections

Unobstructed air ducts are critical to good operation. Even the most efficient system money can buy won’t perform as expected when the air ducts are obstructed. It’s a good idea to have an HVAC contractor inspect, repair and clean the ducts, but there are also some steps the homeowner can follow to identify and eliminate air duct obstructions:
Check and replace dirty air filters monthly. Dirty filters restrict airflow, resulting in lower energy efficiency, shorter equipment life, and insufficient airflow throughout the home.

Look for disconnected duct sections, leaky seams and places where air can leak in and out of the ducts. When repairing leaks, be sure to use screws or clamps to join ducts together. Seal leaky seams with mastic, not with “duct tape” from the local supermarket.
Inspect flexible ducts for kinks or crushing. Try to straighten them out. If the duct covers are torn or won’t hold their shape after attempting to straighten, replace them.
Keep registers open. Open all air vents and remove anything blocking them, such as furniture. Closing vents can cause airflow imbalances and make the system work harder than it should.

Leaky ducts are a widespread problem. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that up to 30-percent of the air passing through ducts in the average home is lost to leaks. In addition to wreaking havoc with air velocity and pressure, leaks force the system to run more frequent and longer cycles. This can result in otherwise unnecessary repairs, and lead to a premature replacement of the entire system.

Improper leak repair can upset the system’s pressure balance and have a negative effect on efficiency as well. It’s important to have an expert HVAC technician perform a pressure test after the duct sealing work is completed to verify that the ducts are properly balanced.

When considering which HVAC contractor to hire for a project, Air Rite is the company for air conditioning and heater repair in Atascadero and the Central Coast. Founded in 1983, Air Rite has provided quality service throughout San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Santa Barbara counties. Founder Rick Johansen and son, Arne Johansen, have repeatedly proved the expertise of Air Rite by performing quality work at an honest and fair price.

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