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Irie vibes flowed freely at Pepper, Tribal Seeds, Fortunate Youth concert 

–Fortunate Youth, Tribal Seeds, and headlining act Pepper each took their turn on stage delivering their vision of current Reggae at the Thursday night performance at Vina Robles Amphitheatre. Each band is considerably different sounding, yet each band lends their hand to the spreading of irie* vibes.

The crowd was ready and willing to soak up as much music as they could. Bobbing and swaying to the groove with smiles upon their faces and smoke in the air. The crowd was very familiar with the idea of what Reggae represents to so many: peace through music. Over the course of the show, members from different bands would unite on stage together to perform a song and most of all have fun.

Reggae has a strong movement on the west coast and is beginning to grow well beyond beachfront coastal areas. The Reggae scene, that attracts so many fans these days, is based upon the music that fans take a mutual liking to and the building of community.


Irie (chiefly in Jamaican English) nice, good, or pleasing (used as a general term of approval).



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