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Is online learning the future of education? 

Within the last couple of years, the structure of education is revolutionizing radically. Mostly because of the introduction of new alternative ways of teaching students other than the old traditional ways of education. This change in the way of learning is not only because of the introduction of new technologies and a vast access to the internet. But due to the change of preferences and the recent outcomes of the online education system witnessed recently. According to research, at least 30 percent of students who are getting higher education in America are taking an online course.The role of online colleges in Southern California are prominent in this respect.

In this article, we are going to throw light on all the aspects of the online education system and the way it will become the future of education. 

Shuns the traditional way of learning

The traditional way of learning requires students to write down a bundle of notes for memorizing the classroom lectures. Demanding them to hear and write at the same time. Therefore, increasing the chances of error and miscomprehension. Moreover, the scheduling system of tests and classes in traditional learning is not flexible and can make it difficult for the teachers and the students to balance their work and home life. 

Contrarily, the modern online education system provides students the facility to opt for their learning style. They can either download the PowerPoint provided by the teacher in the class or can record the live lecture on their laptop. This easy way of recording the classroom lectures makes it possible for the students to repeat and make error-free notes. Moreover, the flexible schedule system provides autonomy to both teachers and students to enjoy a balanced work-study life.

Cost-effective way of learning

The traditional education system demands the physical presents of a student that demands a regular transport system, a proper infrastructure, and a staff team. Whereas the modern online education system is free of all these expenses. The e-libraries with free access to online books and notes also save the money spent on buying expensive books for the students. Making it a cost-effective way of education, especially for those located in faraway rural areas. 

Furthermore, this way of learning with a flexible timetable allows students to do a part-time job along with their studies. Allowing them an opportunity to sponsor their education cost without being a burden on their parents. 

Skepticism related to the online education system

Seeing the other side of the coin, the skepticism related to online education via the internet is unavoidable. Some people find it difficult to access the internet and those who can find it difficult to understand its usage methods. However, these issues are not justified to shy away from this alternative, proven to be advantageous for many. Moreover, during the pandemic, the commencement of online classes in every house and their fruitful outcomes have played a vital role in changing the mindset of people about attaining education. Making it likely to be the future of modern education.


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