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Lacy Canaday, a North County ‘Leapling’ 

Lacy Canaday and boys at ocean

Lacy Canaday and boys at ocean.

–Lacy Canaday of Paso Robles missed her birthday again this year. Lacy was born on Feb. 29, so she has a birthday every four years. As a result, she says she’s only 10-years-old. Her two boys get a kick out of their mom’s birth date. They’ve had as many birthdays as she has. Zane is 13, and Cody is 10.

The odds of being a leap year baby are one in 1461. There are only about 187,000 “Leaplings” in the United States. Despite the long odds, one family has a run of three generations of Leaplings. Peter Anthony Keogh, his son Eric, and his granddaughter were all born on Leap Day. Peter was born in Ireland in 1940, Eric in 1964, and Bethany in 1996.

Louise Estes of Utah has three children who are Leaplings. Xavier, Remington and Jade were all born on Leap Day. She has two other children born between those three.

Several celebrities are Leaplings. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins, Rapper Ja Rule, and “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez were all born on Leap Day.

Lacy Canaday says despite having a birthday every four years, her husband, Gabe, celebrates her birthday every year. She’s looking forward to next year, however, because 2020 is a leap year. She’ll get to celebrate on her true birthday, Feb. 29.

She turns eleven.

(Photo with 13-year-old Zane, 10-year-old Cody and their 10-year-old mom, Lacy Canaday.)

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