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Landscape Watering Restrictions Begin May 1, 2013 

Paso Robles Landscape Watering Restrictions

No watering is allowed between the hours of 9AM-7PM

Residents and businesses are limited to irrigating 3 days per week on assigned days

As a result of extremely dry conditions this year, the City of Paso Robles remains in a Level 2 Water Shortage Condition. To avoid shortages this summer, landscape watering restrictions will be enforced beginning May 1st. Residents and businesses are limited to irrigating 3 days per week on assigned days. No watering is allowed between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM. Code enforcement staff will check daily for compliance with restrictions. Monetary penalties for non-compliance beginning at $100 will be assessed for violations after 2 warnings are issued. Repeat violations can result in higher penalty levels.

Paso Robles is Divided into Zones 1 and 2

Zone 1 (North of 13th St., Creston, Sherwood, and Linne)
Assigned watering days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. No Watering on Monday

Zone 2 (South of 13th St., Creston, Sherwood, and Linne)
Assigned watering days are Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. No Watering on Monday

Paso Robles Landscape Watering Restrictions

Other Water Waste Prohibitions in Effect Include:

1) No washing down paved surfaces with a hose
2) Car washing allowed only with a hose shut off valve and bucket
3) Excessive runoff of irrigation water to the street is prohibited
4) Repair of all water leaks with in five days of discovery or notification by the City.

Landscape Watering Guidelines

  • Water in the cool morning hours before 9 AM when winds are lowest.
  • Limit spray irrigation to 12 minutes per day, 3 days per week during the hottest part of the summer. (This guideline can be adjusted depending on your site)
  • Hand water brown spots instead of increasing the number of minutes on your timer.
  • On steep slopes, use multiple run times to avoid runoff. Divide the daily watering time into 2 or 3 shorter intervals.
  • When watering with a hose and sprinkler, use a hose-bib timer to shut water off automatically. Water shady areas less frequently.
  • Check soil moisture below the surface with a soil probe or a large screw driver. Don’t assume plants need water because the soil surface looks dry.

Irrigation System Maintenance

  • Check your irrigation system frequently for drip line leaks and broken or out of adjustment spray heads. Adjust heads to reduce or eliminate overspray to pavement.
  • Raise the height of heads that are too low, where the spray path is obstructed.
  • Trim bushes obstructing spray.
  • Replace your controller battery to avoid losing settings during power outages.

Landscape Maintenance to Reduce Water Use

  • Apply a balanced fertilizer. More water won’t green your lawn if the soil lacks nutrients.
  • Maintain a lawn height of four inches. Taller turf will shade roots and reduce water use up to 30 %.
  • Aerate your lawn to increase water and oxygen absorption in the root zone. Local landscapers can provide this service for a reasonable fee or you can rent power equipment at rental yards.
  • Add mulch around shrubs, trees, and ground covers to reduce evaporation losses.
  • Consider removing a portion of your lawn and replacing it with low-water-use plants on drip irrigation. Call 227-7250 to obtain a free 31-page color brochure on Water-wise Gardening or a free video on converting lawn to low-water-use landscape.
  • The City offers rebates for lawn conversions to drought-tolerant plants. Visit or call 227-7250 to for information or to schedule a pre-inspection.


Save water with landscaping – The Tree Man Nursery in Paso Robles – (805) 227-6225

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