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Lawn Care Tips for Central Coast California Homeowners 


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Anyone who owns a home should know that curb appeal can go a long way in making a good impression. A healthy, beautiful yard will complement your house and improve the ambiance of the entire property. Even if you are not planning on selling your property, you likely want to take pride in the way it looks. There are some critical steps you should follow to achieve a green, gorgeous lawn in California’s Central Coast. 

Give It Something to Drink

Healthy grass needs the right amount of water to grow and keep that attractive natural green color. Too many homeowners make the mistake of either watering too much or not watering enough. Finding the right balance is essential. Insufficient water will cause the grass to burn up and die, leaving yellow and brown spots all over the lawn. Watering too often and too much at a time can stifle root growth. This can also suffocate the grass by taking oxygen out of the soil. 

In the Central Coast region of California, homeowners should plan on watering around an hour a week during the summer and 40 to 50 minutes during the fall and spring. Watering is less important in the winter, though homeowners should plan on about 20 minutes a week.

Never Forget the Fertilizer 

Watering may keep the grass alive, but this alone will not be enough to feed it. When you cut the grass, it takes out some of the nutrients that it needs to enjoy healthy growth. The right fertilizer replaces these nutrients, helping the grass become thick, lush, and green. Like watering, though, you need to know how often to fertilize. Overfertilizing can kill the lawn. On the other hand, ignoring the need to fertilize will lead to disease and infestation of weeds. In the Central Coast area of California, it is a good idea to fertilize about every four to six weeks, especially in the spring and summer. 

Look for products that have nitrogen and phosphorus. Different products have different instructions on how much to apply at once and at what rate the fertilizer spreaders should drop the pellets. Make sure to carefully read and follow these guidelines.

Get Rid of the Weeds

Weeds are among the biggest pests to keeping a healthy lawn. These unwanted invaders come in all shapes and sizes, with dandelions and clover being among the most troublesome. If you notice a small or moderate number of weeds in your lawn, you can pull them out by hand. Just make sure you remove the entire root. For widespread growth, spraying the grass with an herbicide is an excellent option. 

Keep the Mower Handy 

Sometimes, simply cutting the grass to the right level can make a big difference in how nice the lawn looks. Different types of grass will grow at different rates. A good rule of thumb is to cut about one-third of the blade. For Central Coast homeowners, this means you will probably need to mow about once a week.

With some hard work and dedication, you can have the lawn you have always wanted. A weed-free, well-manicured, green lawn is within your reach.


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