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Learn to Lead: College Students’ Simple Steps to Get Organized 


A wise man once said, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” Of course, failure is not always the result for those who embark upon projects without a plan; some people are just gifted, blessed, or fortunate. However, lack of proper planning is often the ruin for many. Such is particularly true for college students. So some of them prefer to hire essay writer to get their tasks done.

Getting organized can prove a daunting task on which to embark. This article provides college students with simple steps for the academic organization.

Simple Steps to Organization

Most college students realize the importance of time management or organization when it is too late, once they have already failed a class or developed a negative set of practices that are much more difficult to stop than to begin.

The organization is an individual process; however, there are simple steps to introduce a newcomer to the power of the organization.


Not all assignments or projects are due at the same time, nor do they carry the same level of importance. You must identify the order in which you need to complete your assignments. Generally, college students should work first on the assignments due the soonest. If it is Tuesday, and you have an essay due Thursday and an exam Friday, you would probably make completion of the essay priority. However, this does not mean you should ignore the test material.

Quite the contrary, you should spend a set amount of time each day reviewing the test material. Many students would wait until Wednesday to complete the essay and wait until Thursday to study for the exam. However, such habits could prove fatal. What happens if a family emergency occurs Wednesday? As a paper helper states, the family emergency would likely take precedence over the essay and the test. Therefore, waiting until the last possible day or hour to complete an assignment is a common mistake for many people.

Begin with the End in Mind

Begin each assignment or project by asking, what is the desired result? You should visualize the result. With the result in vision, taking the necessary steps to accomplish the desired result will prove less taxing. When people lose sight of their vision, they can become lethargic and complacent. The same is true for students. It is essential to begin each project with the end in mind.

Determine Resources

Most colleges and universities have academic resources on campus to help students with their assignments and projects. These resources vary depending on the college or university. Many colleges have academic learning labs and computer labs. These labs are often equipped with technological and textual resources to aid students. There are usually professional and student tutors on hand to assist. Furthermore, there are additional resources for TRIO students, fraternity and sorority students, and developmental students.

Use a Planner or Calendar

During the first week of class, most instructors provide their students with a syllabus. Some syllabi are so detailed they provide the exact due dates for all assignments. If this is the case, you have no excuse. Use a calendar or planner to record the due date for all of the assignments. You should also pencil in time to work on lengthy assignments for at least five days leading up to the due date. Record all events on the planner or calendar. Do not stray from the schedule unless you make the changes on the calendar or planner first.

Schedule Time for Study and Study

Using a planner, schedule time to study. Pencil in time every day to study a concept or skill. Even if an exam has not been scheduled, you should study. The purpose of education is to grow skills. Take it among yourself to grow your skills.

Schedule Time for Tutoring and Get Help

Many students feel that seeking help is an indication of their incapacity; therefore, most students rather go at it alone than seek help. This is a major error and is often the reason students struggle. Most people need help with something. First, confront your weaknesses. Once you identify your areas of weakness, find someone to help you. Again, tutors are available. Contact the Department of Academic Affairs to locate a tutor. Schedule time for a tutor before there is a serious problem. Learn proactively; do not wait until a problem develops.

Assess Your Progress

The organization is an individual effort. The strategies and practices that work for one person may not work for another person. Therefore, once you have established an organizational regimen, evaluate your success with the help of DoMyWriting or other such services. If more time is needed for tutoring, adjust the schedule. Each person should use the organizational strategies that work best for him.

Reward Yourself

College is an academic institution, but a large part of college is socializing. Parties and social engagements are a big part of the college experience. Many students are consumed with partying, and they do not work to their full potential academically. It is important to create a balance. Once you have completed all of your assignments and studied for all of your exams, reward yourself. When a student views parties as a reward and restricts his attendance to parties only when he has completed his assignments and projects, the student will work harder. He must use parties and social engagements as a reward.

The organization is an important strategy for achieving success in any setting, particularly an academic setting. The organization is the precursor for all things.

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