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Letter: Candidate recommended to break status quo 

letter to the editor

– Voters should choose leadership, parents’ rights, education excellence, and accountability over woke mediocracy policies. So, who to vote for?

Because of our schools’ extremely low academic statistics and advancing backward social agenda policies, there is a strong need for change toward performance-based leadership on our school board. You can easily decide who to vote for by asking yourself a few direct and important questions:

  • Are you OK with the present PRJUSD math academic scores of 28.57% for overall proficiency in our schools?
  • Are you OK with the escalating amount of gang activity at our schools?
  • Are you OK with allowing children to make gender decisions without their parent’s knowledge or involvement?
  • Are you OK with a policy that pushes for equal rewards collectively for all students regardless of their achievements?
  • Are you OK with not allowing exceptional student rewards for their exceptional achievements?
  • Are you OK with the teacher’s union protection and support of teacher bias towards woke political, social, and cultural agendas?
  • Are you OK with not allowing parents to receive our public tax dollars towards choosing their own child’s school?
  • Are you in favor of allowing our teachers the freedom to indoctrinate their political bias and because of their tenure they are protected under the teacher’s union contract?
  • Are you OK with a school administration or board that follows a collaborative civil discourse policy with a ‘go along to get along’ philosophy?
  • Are you OK with a status quo track record that needs to be challenged by strong leadership?
  • Are you OK with the concept that parents should not have the oversite or say to hold the school board accountable?


If you answered No to most or all these questions, then you should vote for Kenney Enney. Mr. Enney is a strong leader that will fight for educational exceptionalism and what is right for both the parents and the students. While we believe he is reasonable thinking in his leadership style, we also know that if he feels it is not in the best interest of the student or their parents, he will not ‘go along to get along.’ He is a fighter and just what we need on our school board in these very turbulent times. Strong leadership recognizes the importance of rewarding good teaching and student academic accomplishments while pinning down accountability on poor performance. Mr. Enney has the leadership qualities to enhance these traits on our school board. So please consider breaking the status quo and vote for Kenney Enney.

Respectfully submitted,
George & Diana Phillips
Paso Robles

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