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Letter: Cars not yielding to pedestrians in Creston Road crosswalks 

letter to the editor

To the editor: 

– My wife and I have lived just north of Creston Rd. here in Paso for 25 years. Now in our 70s, we try to walk most mornings.

This morning, the 8th of August, we walked as we usually do east on Creston to Bolen, where Wayside Liquor sits and there is a crosswalk. We have waited in that crosswalk for as many as 20 cars to pass before someone obeys the law and waits for us to cross.

Today, as we started to cross, as there was no traffic coming in either direction, and we were four to six feet into the crosswalk, a car exiting from Bolen onto Creston sped into the intersection passing maybe six feet in front of us at a high rate of speed.

I yelled at them (I don’t hold my temper as well as I once did.) When we were on our return route, waiting at that same crosswalk on the Bolen side, I counted four cars passing coming from the east as we stood 4 to 6 feet into the crosswalk. (There were no cars coming from the westside.) The third of those four cars was a Paso Robles police car. None of the four cars even hesitated.

Two thoughts: one, it is illegal to deny the right-of-way to a pedestrian who is in a crosswalk; two, school is about to begin here in Paso and that crosswalk at Creston and Bolen will soon be full of children each morning, and again that afternoon.

Dennis Judd
Paso Robles


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