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Letter: City fathers would roll over in their graves 

Letter to the editor

The Chamber of Commerce had a candidate for the City Council and it was very telling about the changes that have taken place in Paso Robles.

I have to think back to when the theme of the chamber was “make Paso Robles a better place to live”, boy are those days gone.

Now we have city council candidate that hires professional campaign manager.

Campaign signs were indiscriminately placed all over town. After all, the L.A. mentality is that there is no private property, everything is public domain.

It is now assumed that the environmental movement is part of the fabric that makes up Paso Robles.

For the fist time ever, we had a candidate who asked for the political support of the Paso Robles Public Employees Unions.

Can you imagine the people who worked so hard to make Paso a good place, rolling over in their graves about now?

Walter Heer
Paso Robles, CA