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Letter: Community schools misunderstood, a response to recent criticism 

letter to the editor
To the editor,

– I feel compelled to respond to Peter Byrne’s letter of March 13, “Problems with creating a community schools partnership program.” I believe that the letter misrepresents what community schools are all about.

1. Community schools do not have “additional curriculum.” The academic curriculum is the same. Additional services are available to students and families who need such services.

2. The funds are offered by the government in order to efficiently offer the services. While Mr. Bryne is entitled to believe that the money could be better spent on unspecified academic services that is not an option.

3. Mr. Byrne feels that the services are already being offered and shouldn’t be incorporated into the schools. I feel that bringing families into the school is exactly what we need. We need more parent and family involvement in the school, not less. And for many of our neighbors who are stressed, working multiple jobs, etc., being able to access multiple services in a single location can be a great efficiency.

Most egregiously, Mr. Byrne, states that, “I quote from a website on community schools…and they use it to justify bringing in affirmative trans health care”. Well, there is no citation and one can find pretty much anything they decide to look for on the Web. Try the Wikipedia description of Community Schools. Or try my search today, “What is a Community School.” None of the first page results have anything to do with trans medical care. This is very likely a fringe source.

Keep an open mind. Community schools are for kids and families. We want strong families who are involved in their kids’ education. Community Schools facilitate that goal.

Chris Payne


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