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Letter: Congressmen Carbajal, Panetta blindly following their party line 


letter to the editor

Dear congressmen,

– Today you had the opportunity to show some leadership and stop a three-ring circus from happening in Congress. You and a few of your Democratic colleagues could have voted with sensible Republicans, and for the good of the country, voted for the “Motion to Table.” However, you chose to continue being lemmings and blindly follow the Democratic Party (which quite honestly resembles the Politburo). Pure partisan celebration of the chaos in the Republican Party, at the expense of America, is simply sophomoric behavior for which you should feel no pride.

Apparently, there are no “statesmen” in politics anymore, you two included. For the Record, Leon Panetta and many of his peers, on both sides of the aisle, were “statesmen.”


S. Keith Belmont,
Paso Robles

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