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Letter: Crowds of diners grouped too close to each other in downtown park 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor,

–I was driving around town 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, 8/1, and I saw dozens of people at nearly every restaurant practically sitting on top of each other. The tables were “maybe” 6 ft apart, but the customers were no more than two feet from each other. This might be passable for a short time, but not when there are groups of 20-70 all dining without masks sitting 2-4 feet from each other.

I realize the difficulty of businesses trying to stay open, the city trying to accommodate them (for a price), but with what appeared to be at least 100 people at and around the park grouped very close together and no masks, I fear Paso will become a new hot spot in SLO county.

It isn’t fair to those of us trying to stay a bit safer. I go to breakfast and lunch from time to time, and my two friends and I wear masks until the food comes and only dine if we are about 10 feet from others and there aren’t a lot of people there expelling respiratory vapor into the air.

If this lax attitude on spacing and numbers continues, and there is an outbreak here it will set back and worsen the city’s and businesses’ financial standing. The city needs to step up its enforcement not to just protect all financially, but even more so for the safety of its residents.

Mark Deminico
Paso Robles

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