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Letter: Deeply concerned about online surveillance, censorship 

letter to the editorTo the editor,

–After this week’s announcement from the White House that they are now monitoring Facebook to identify persons who are promoting a false narrative, I am deeply concerned. Are you? Why isn’t this being blasted by our news media. What we are now hearing is that the government is going to crack down on anyone who has a difference of opinion. The narrative of our government is apparently the only train of thought allowed, if you believe something needs to be voiced, you are going to be identified as a dissident. Sounds very much like communist China. Our 1st Amendment rights are now being attacked, and now no one is sounding the alarm. Every American, Democrat or Republican, these are your rights, stand up.

Proud to be an American
Michael Wayne Blackburn
Paso Robles

Editor’s note: Letters to the editor are personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Paso Robles Daily News or its staff. We welcome letters from local residents regarding relevant local topics. To submit one, click here.

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