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Letter: Katcho acts in the best interest of his constituents 

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–I’ve known and worked with Katcho Achadjian for over 12 years now. For eight of those, Katcho was a SLO County Supervisor and I a staffer who interacted with him on a daily basis. As a tireless advocate for District 4, Katcho always acted in the best interest of his constituents. Unlike most politicians, Katcho never passed blame onto others. I’ve seen Katcho in community meetings where staff was unfairly attacked and he always stepped up to shield them, telling people, “Get angry at me, not at staff.”

This attitude of the “buck stopping at his desk” was later exemplified in Sacramento. If I needed to speak with Katcho about an issue, he would take my call or squeeze me into his schedule, regardless of who was waiting in the lobby. Katcho was and is about his constituents first. This is evidenced by his “No budget, no pay” plan, to hold congress accountable if they don’t pass a balanced budget on time.

Katcho is a gentleman in the real sense of the word. The men and women who have worked with Katcho, know the person he is. You cannot ask for a better endorsement than that of your peers.

Art Trinidade
Paso Robles


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