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Letter: Fair should stop barbaric wild horse chase at rodeo 

Letter to the editorI am writing to protest the first event at the Paso Rodeo in which wild horses are chased, accosted, man-handled and scared out of their wits by cowboys attacking them. The event is barbaric, wrong-headed and brutal. In this particular event, a poor, sweet, young pony was chased and violently pressed to escape only to have his rear leg snap and break during is wild escape. I only hope that he was quickly euthanized. Many of us in the stands wept as helpless spectators.

I’ve seen this at the Folsom Rodeo held on 4th of July and causes all of us to hold our breath. We fear for the participants and the frightened, never to be the same, young wild ponies. This is an abomination of what rodeo promotes, …horsemanship and the cowboy way of life.

Respectfully, I urge you to discontinue this event at this rodeo or any other that you may influence.

Your thoughtful consideration is essential.


Linda Acuff

Editor’s note: This letter was also sent by Linda Acuff to the Mid-State Fair. We have offered the fair an opportunity to respond.

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