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Letter: Having a large family doesn’t have to add to planetary destruction 

letter to the editor

To the editor, 

– News sources everywhere make sure we all see the same problems. We run into trouble when we only look at the one solution they also offer us. We have to think creatively if we want to see workable answers for the problems in our communities. For example, we all know our planet desperately needs our care. But we are not thinking creatively if we say choosing life equals planet destruction. Choosing the life of each one of my six children is the single biggest thing I’ve ever done to care well for this earth!

When a big family runs the lights between those hours of 4-9 each evening, we have more individuals using the same watt of electricity. It’s not using eight times the amount of power…it’s using the same measure of power eight times as completely.

Every drive we make is a carpool! All those emissions are instantly divided! Clothing is automatically “reused and recycled” as pieces can be shared with younger siblings. Food can be purchased in larger quantities, resulting in an unbelievable decrease in plastic packaging!

And even water can be saved by raising several children all at once. You can fill a sink to wash two plates, or you can wash eight plates in that same sink full. Swimming pools can hold one child, or they can hold six. Every drop gets well used.

The whole point is, see common problems – be open to multiple solutions!

Molly Keulen
Paso Robles


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