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Letter: Homelessness also a safety, drug issue 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily newsTo the editor,

–The problem of homeless people in our community and others is obviously a huge problem that people feel very strongly about on both sides of the issue. Personally, I do not believe I am a heartless, callous person. I have helped to feed and clothe homeless people, offered food to beggars, and given them the benefit of the doubt that they are not criminals, but down and out and deserve a helping hand. Unfortunately a few rotten apples can spoil the crop. It has always been the case that the few bad ones make it harder for the rest. When my home was broken into, and ransacked, I lost not only my possessions, but my peace of mind, my security, and sense of well being. I also lost some of my compassion.

It is a sad fact that some homeless people are addicted to drugs and will do anything to get their hands on money to buy more. This reality affects our entire community–people who have come here to live, work, and be productive citizens. The homeless deserve the right to get help, and we deserve the right to feel safe in our homes. Another sad reality is that our system of welfare enables some people to live off of government handouts thereby losing their incentive to try and better themselves by seeking help to get cleaned up and ready to work. There are no simple answers. Housing is only one aspect. They also need to get off the drugs, and make an attempt to become a productive citizen, giving back to the community that does so much to help them.

Jan Foss
Paso Robles



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