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Letter: It’s just a cold… why should they care? 

Jeff Sherman

Jeff Sherman

To the editor,

It’s just a cold… why should they care?

I was one person to leave the hospital in a chair to my wife’s car rather than a gurney to a morgue.

The staff cheered me as I left my room. I cried. They cried. I had several of my nurses from the prior weeks stop by the day before I left just to see me and check on me. Most out of gratitude others out of caring.

I thank every doctor and nurse who helped me along the way, but there are just not enough beds and staff on the planet to deal with this surge on top of the prior surge on top of the coming surge.

When will anyone learn? I fear It’ll have to hit each and every human before any of us can wrap our brains around the immensity of it all…by then, it’ll all be too late.

This is an extinction-level event here, folks. Time to get serious or get dead.

Also see, “One person is dying from Covid-19 every 10 minutes in Los Angeles County.”

Jeff Sherman
Southern California

Editor’s note: Jeff Sherman Is a long-time friend of the publisher. Letters to the editor are personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Paso Robles Daily News or its staff. We welcome letters from local residents regarding relevant local topics. To submit one, click here.