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Letter: KPRL is discharged from broadcasting Bearcat football 



To the editor,

After carrying the Paso Robles High School Bearcat football games for more than fifty years, KPRL is discharged by School Superintendent Chris Williams.

In June, Superintendent Chris Williams gave KPRL and KJUG new six-page contracts to carry the Bearcats. The contracts included a fee of $100 per game to broadcast the games. Williams also asked the two stations to bid in a sealed envelope for space in the press box. Failure to submit a bid by June 27th would result in a fee of $1,000 per game.

Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, Coast Union, San Luis Obispo and other high schools do not charge for the broadcast of their games. The schools are thrilled that radio stations do it for free. The stations absorb considerable expense for personnel and equipment.

Williams’ ill-conceived proposal fell flat. Both stations ignored it. His tactics killed the Bearcat broadcast. Unfortunately, Williams refuses to take responsibility.

Williams refused to sit down and discuss the Bearcat broadcasts with KPRL or KJUG management. Williams said in a published article that he met with station officials, but that is not true.

Instead, he pushed away KPRL and KJUG. As a result, KPRL will carry Templeton High School football. KJUG will carry Atascadero High School.

It’s another disappointment for Paso Robles Bearcats, who have already witnessed the firing of a popular football coach and the censure of a board member who disagreed with Williams.

Dick Mason



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