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Letter of gratitude to public servants 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily newsTo the editor,

–It was an ordinary day when I pulled up into the driveway. My kids were content and safe in the back seat, groceries were bagged and ready to be brought in from the store.

Then, I heard it. Shots rang out in the field behind my house and my neighbor rushed to warn me about the active shooter on the prowl just beyond our street.

We locked ourselves inside and I put a movie on for my boys in the safest room in the house. I then stood atop a stool in my living room to see what was going on.

Within minutes, more emergency vehicles then I could count rushed to the scene and brave officers and emergency servicemen and women poured out of their vehicles.

It was in that moment that I realized, through all the chaos pouring out- how blessed we are, not because it’s something we’re taught but because I saw it with my own eyes.

I think all of us understand to a degree what these amazing people do in the back of our heads, but knowing it and seeing it are two different things.

In addition to my sincere faith in God, These men and women are the reason I knew my babies and I were safe in our home and I don’t really care who knows it; I’m proud of these people that lay down their life so that I can be safe.

Thank you, to every person that shows their service. Thank you to every person who risks their life for mine every day.

Thank you to every person who stays behind and works late nights away from their family to clean up afterwards.

Thank you isn’t enough, but it’s all I had to offer tonight. I hope others will join me in heartfelt gratitude as we pour out what we have to give.

Leah Gibson
Paso Robles

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