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Letter: Mask policies causing altercations between grocery store shoppers and staff 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor, 

I was checking out at Albertson’s in Paso Robles yesterday and commented to the checker that I was disappointed that a few shoppers were not wearing masks when in the store. The last time I was in their store, the policy was that masks were required. The checker said that there had been a very recent altercation with a shopper, her objections to wearing a mask and a 911 call that had thrown everything into a full-blown situation with regards to Albertson’s company policy requiring masks during this public health crisis. Albertson’s is now “suggesting” wearing masks, as they were told they can’t “force” anyone to do so.

For many years (and to this day) I’ve seen businesses all over the country with posted signs stating “no shirts, no shoes, no service!” What’s the difference? In fact, at this time I would think a mask is even more important than shirts or shoes. I was also told (by the checker) that the woman who caused the disturbance has since been back several times. Each time she has caused additional commotion boasting that she is the person who forced Albertson’s to change their policy and that people should be grateful to her for what she did. The checker said that she wasn’t allowed to elaborate on additional details for fear of losing her job. She said Albertson’s employees were very upset about what this woman had selfishly done, risking their own health and the health of their loved ones and associates. She doesn’t have an option to shelter at home, as Albertson’s employees are “essential workers,” and therefore are not qualified to collect state unemployment assistance unless they are laid off or furloughed (at this point, that’s very unlikely).

Kate Howell
Paso Robles

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