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Letter: Recent school board decisions are ‘the last straw’ 

letter to the editorOpen letter to the Paso Robles School Board,

–Thank you for the last straw. My wife and I have been considering where we should settle and start our family having moved to Paso Robles a few years ago we have found it lovely but there has been an undercurrent of proud ignorance and racism that has given us pause at the thought of fully settling here. We are well-paid financial and technical workers who wish to spend our money in the local economy at locally owned restaurants and farmers’ markets.

With your actions last night of instituting an ignorant rule due to right wing hysteria over critical race theory, a theory you clearly willfully misunderstand, and resolving to fight important public safety efforts in a pandemic while ignoring that you have just as stringent rules on the choices of female-presenting students without any sense of self-awareness, all while looking to collapse schools together by removing elementary schools and removing Spanish language translation of school board meetings and so limit the ability of parents to have a voice in their students’ education it has become clear that my wife and I must instead look elsewhere as we look to purchase a house and have children.

It would do a disservice to our children to have them raised in a school district run by such incompetent dunderheads and I would be aghast to have my property tax dollars go to fund your anti-historical anti-scientific reactionary assault on the noble work that educators do.

For now I remain,

Galen Evans of Paso Robles

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