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Letter: Resigning my membership to Justin Winery 

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Here is the letter I sent to Justin Vineyards resigning my membership to two of their wine clubs:

I am writing to you as someone who has belonged to both the wine club and to the isosceles reserve club for about six or seven years. I completely adore Isosceles; it is one of the best wines I have ever tasted in my life, but I am writing to withdraw my membership because of what you are doing to our land here in Paso Robles. I know The Wonderful Company was quoted in the newspaper as saying they had done nothing illegal in clear-cutting all those oak trees. I am certain that this is a true statement: you did nothing illegal, but you did something at the very least that is of questionable morals, and at the very worst, that is immoral. You have not only disregarded the needs of all your neighbors, in terms of soil erosion and well-water depletion, but you have cut down innumerable oak trees. Our lovely town is called El Paso de Robles, named for the beautiful oak trees, and yet you wantonly cut them down.

I am very sad to be writing this letter, because, as I wrote, I am a lifelong red wine drinker and, at age 74, I have only twenty years, probably, of drinking a lovely wine like Justin Isosceles Reserve. But I could not live with myself, if I felt that my membership in the Justin Wine Club was contributing to the destruction of our precious Paso Robles. Please cancel my membership.

Frances Levy
Paso Robles

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