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Letter: Special election is fiscally irresponsible 

letter to the editor

To the editor,

– In recent weeks there have been numerous opinions regarding the special election for Paso Robles School board. Both candidates’ passion for the position is evident. As with any subject in politics, there are pros and cons on both sides.

The subject lacking attention is the total disregard for taxpayer dollars. The $493,000 spent on the election could have funded books, staffing, security, extracurricular activities, structural improvements, the list goes on. There is an election in the fall of 2024, about 18 months from now. The rushed push for a substitute board member in the interim was based on emotion, rather than a substantive, forward-thinking plan.

Contrary to the example set by our state and federal bureaucracies, taxpayer dollars are not monopoly money. There is not an infinite supply. Exorbitant government spending is the number one fuel of inflation. Basic economics and personal finance should be mandatory high school courses.

Sally Coons
Paso Robles


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