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Letter: The Poop Fairy doesn’t really exist 

To the editor,Letter to the editor

Remember, the Poop Fairy doesn’t really exist! The little blue or plastic bags you leave laying around the streets are not picked up by the Poop Fairy.

Or the feces every three feet as you pull your dog in denial of your dog pooping on the sidewalk… well, the Poop Fairy doesn’t pick it up either.

Please don’t let our beautiful neighborhood be the likes of SF, NY or LA streets. Please pick up after your beloved dog. Have respect for your neighbors and for your dog. Bring a plastic bag with you. Pick up poop. Toss it in your garbage. Be a respectable citizen.

Be a proud Paso Roblan. Don’t be a “Poop-leave-it-for-somebody-else-to-pick-up.”

It’s poop for thought.

Iggy Torres
Paso Robles



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